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Frequently Asked Questions

My toolbar appears blank, what can I do?
The toolbar requires access to javascripts from the domains and If your toolbar looks like the example in this image, it is because a program or browser addon is blocking these essential scripts. This is notable when using ad blockers such as AdBlock Plus.
If you are using AdBlock Plus please do the following: open the AdBlock Plus options in the Add-ons manager and click the "Add filter" button. Copy this line @@|| into the text box then click OK. Now open the toolbar's main menu by clicking the down arrow next to the InnoGames logo and press "Refresh Toolbar".
Why is my toolbar missing some components?
The toolbar's contents are wider than your browser window. There are several ways you can make space:
  • Reduce the width of the search field as much as you can. Click and drag the separator beside the flag to the left.
  • If you don't need to swap between multiple language servers, you can disable the flags. Click on the down arrow next to the InnoGames logo and select "Toolbar Options". Go to the "Predefined Components" tab and uncheck the checkbox next to "Flags".
  • You can hide the game change button in the same way. Just deselect the "Toolbar Switch".
If you are using a resolution lower than 1024x768 your browser may not display the toolbar correctly.
How can I uninstall the toolbar?
Firefox: Open the Add-ons manager from the "Tools" menu, select "InnoGames Community Toolbar" and click "Uninstall".
Internet Explorer: Open the Windows Control Panel and select the category "Programs". Go to your list of installed programs, then select "InnoGames Community Toolbar" and click on "Remove".

The Grepolis Toolbar

  • Never miss an attack again
  • Always be up to date:
    • New Mails
    • New Reports
    • Revolts
    • Conquests
    • Construction Queue Status
  • Game access in just one click
  • Free - no spyware
  • Easily integratable with your browser
    • For Internet Explorer 7+ as well as Firefox 3+
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Es scheint, dass du einen Werbe- oder Javascript-Blocker einsetzt, der die Funktionsfähigkeit der Toolbar beeinträchtigen würde. Mehr Informationen und Hinweise zur Lösung dieses Problems findest du in der FAQ.